How psychedelic drugs are helping people deal with anxiety

Australia is one of a few countries in the the world to allow psychedelic-assisted therapy to treat specific types of mental illness, under strict conditions. [...]

War in Gaza to dominate ASIO's annual threat assessment

Analysts say there's growing evidence extremist groups from right across the spectrum have been using the conflict to galvanise their supporters. [...]

Tax cuts on the way for millions of Australians

The Senate has passed Labor's controversial stage three changes that will come into effect from July. The Prime Minister has been selling the changes as cost of living relief, but… [...]

Homelessness services warn they’ll have to turn people away

Data reveals demand for services is at a record high, fuelled by the housing crisis. [...]

Foreign spies targeted former politician and prime minister's family, ASIO boss reveals

ASIO director-general Mike Burgess said foreign spies have been targeting public servants and managed to breach a former politician. [...]

Mulch sent to Queensland school, businesses could contain asbestos. Here's what we know

More than 20 Queensland businesses have been supplied mulch that might contain asbestos after the hazardous material was detected at a site west of Brisbane. [...]

SBS On the Money: Inflation fall stalls while staples like bread, dairy and rents remain high

Inflation in Australia remained at 3.4% with prices remaining high for staples like bread, dairy and rents. SBS Finance Editor Ricardo Gonçalves speaks with CBA Economist Stephen Wu to find… [...]

Labor's stage 3 tax cuts pass parliament but cost of living crisis grinds on

Changes to stage three tax cuts have passed parliament. It's a win for the Labor government, who secured support from the Coalition for the tax changes. But one piece of… [...]

Why some people think police should never have been at Mardi Gras

Some in the NSW Police Force are disappointed not to be marching in uniform during this year's Mardi Gras but LGBTIQ+ activists argue they should never have been there in… [...]

Police face backlash for using the term 'crime of passion'. Here's why it's 'irresponsible'

Language should be used carefully to avoid violence being minimised or excused, experts have warned, after remarks by the NSW police commissioner drew backlash. [...]

NSW police to march in Mardi Gras after reaching agreement with organisers

Police were asked earlier this week not to take part in this year's march due to the additional distress it could cause the LGBTIQ+ community following the alleged murders of… [...]

Evening News Bulletin 28 February 2024

An Australian man taken to Syria as a boy speaks exclusively to SBS Dateline; Ukraine's ambassador pleads for more support from the government; Tasmania's premier calls for the official launch… [...]