Japan’s Annual Penis Festival Is Unlike Anything Else

Kanamara Matsuri has been an annual tradition since 1969, and besides being known for its fun, it raises money for a good cause.View Entire Post › [...]

Russia Detained A Journalist From The Wall Street Journal On Spying Accusations

The move comes amid Russia's crackdown on media and dissent.View Entire Post › [...]

Hundreds Of Passengers Have Said They Were Sexually Assaulted On Cruise Ships. Their Stories Highlight Years Of Lax Security, Critics Say.

Numerous passengers traveling on major cruise lines such as Carnival and Disney say in court documents that they were raped and assaulted — oftentimes by crew members.View Entire Post › [...]

11 Of The Best Things To Do In London This Mother's Day And Paddy's Day Weekend

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Iranian Women Are Re-Creating A Viral TikTok Dance Without Hijabs On After 5 Teens Who Did The Same Were Reportedly Detained And Forced To Make An Apology Video

In the six months since Mahsa Amini's death, Iranian security forces have reportedly used draconian tactics to try to suppress dissent.View Entire Post › [...]

Vladimir Putin Is Officially A Wanted Man

The ICC warrants mark the first international charges to be brought since the invasion started in 2022.View Entire Post › [...]

A Nightmarish New Report Has Detailed Russia’s War Crimes In Ukraine

A new UN-backed report released Thursday found Russia has committed war crimes and likely crimes against humanity during its yearlong invasion of Ukraine.View Entire Post › [...]

“He Never Left The Hand Of His Daughter Who Died In The Earthquake”

More than 20,000 people are now known to have been killed in the earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria, making it one of the deadliest disasters in a decade.View Entire… [...]

An Iranian Couple Has Reportedly Been Sentenced To Over 10 Years In Prison After Posting A Video Dancing On Instagram

The fashion and lifestyle influencers have nearly 1 million followers each. Iranian's state media disputed the length of their reported prison sentence.View Entire Post › [...]